Famous People Who Pose In Front Of Their Own Statute Includes Justin Trudeau

Trudeau is crap

In this meme of famous people posing in front of their statue we have Arnold Schwarzenegger and Rocky Balboa, and of course the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who is posing in front of a statue that’s taking a crap.

Just Trudeau recently announced that the unvaccinated Canadians can finally fly within their own country finally after many months and that he’s going to drop the mandates. We don’t like man dates anyway. Trudo got pressure from a lot of Canadians to drop the mandates for a very long time because they don’t seem to have an affect on health and safety of Canadians and is more of a political hit.

This four panel meme perfectly describes how Canadians feel about their own Prime Minister and the meme is highly accurate. Share this dark meme and spread it like COVID on social media.