I’m Not Reading All Of That Meme

I’m not reading all of that meme

Have you ever scrolled through your social media feed and seeing long text post that people made but you feel the pain reading through all of that? That’s what the I’m not reading all of that meme refers to.

This meme is also called I ain’t reading all of that because that’s what the original user posted on social media when it went viral in 2019 on Twitter. The user didn’t read the whole post so he responded and said that he’s happy for you tho or sorry that happened, which ever one fits the long post the best.

You can use the I ain’t reading that meme to send someone a simple meme gift and to respond to users with long post on their social media and don’t use a tl;dr or some sort of a table of contents to explain what the long post is going to be about. It’s a reaction meme for sharing in comments on social media.